Saturday, 22 August 2009

YouTube & BlogSpot made me do it!

I saw this really cool video by Sardun1 where she named the things that she only bought because of the good things she had heard about the product from people on youtube. I am extending mine to include posts that i have also read on peoples blogs.

This was my first ever mac purchase and i bought it because Holly said it was her favourite blush and i love her video's :)

I wasn't really into mac the first time the StarFlash shadows came out but when this colour was re promoted it seemed like everyone was either buying it or saying that they already had it and loved it. I think this post from Cat convinced me to get it.

I don't think there was a particular post or video that made me get this, i just heard that it was good and i really like benefit so i bought it :)

Everyone was talking about this nail polish being the perfect dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti but i didn't decide to get it until i saw this picture on Lollipop26's blog.

I hadn't bought a Collection 2000 nail polish in years but where i saw this from Holly i knew i needed this one!
There was soo much buzz about both of these a few months ago and i think Holly & Hele convinced me to get them

I already have one of these when i saw this video by Sirvinya but now i have 12 :S kinda got addicted!

I think just about everyone either has this or has tried it at some point, therefore i have no idea where i first heard about it. I like the mascara but I'm not too keen on the brush.

I think i first heard of NYX lipsticks from lollipop26 when she made this video. I thought that because there were like 90p each from the site i got them from i would pick up a few :) I don't think my colour choices were very good but if i ever get a chance to swatch other colours i would defo buy more!

If i hadn't seen this video i would have probably never discovered this amazing lipstick because i very rarely look at the Rimmel counters. It is the only lipstick i have ever completely used up and as soon as i can find more i will be buying them!! Thank you Sabrina :)

You have no idea how thankful i am to Lil for sowing me the inside of her bag so i could see this little treasure! for years i have used Vaseline but now i have this i don't think i will ever go back! thank you for this post!

PinkieCharm has always been one of my favourite YouTubers because i feel like she has reviewed soo many products that everything she says must be right :) i remember hearing her talking about these lipglosses in this video and although i couldn't find the shade she has :( i picked up 3 others. They are by no means my favourite lipglosses but i do like them a lot and got them quite cheap so i'm happy :)

I heard about the Natural Collection's blushes through this video on PinkLemonadexo's channel. Although she didn't feature this shade in her video i thought it was the nicest one in boots. I don't really like this and never use it (i am currently selling it on my blog sale) but i don't regret buying it because it was only £1.95.

If you do this tag leave me a link in the comments so i can check it out :)


  1. HaHaa (: I wil buy stuff off your recommendation now (:

  2. Lovely! Thanks for mentioning me :)

  3. oh i am going to do this once i get a chance!

    I got the collection 2000 nail varnishes because of the reviews.. i'm a little dissapointed though :/