Thursday, 6 August 2009

Is He Crazy??

My dad said to me yesterday "Why don't you go all natural for two weeks, no make-up or anything" my reply was simple. "Ha. No." But now i'm thinking ... could i do it? or more importantly should i do it? Maybe not for a whole 2 weeks, but it could be fun to try. What do you think??

It's just, i don't think i could give up foundation, mascara or lip balm :(

my skin is awful all the time and i can never stick to a regime long enough to see any noticeable changes

my eyelashes don't really have any length or curl to them at all

my lips tend to be really chapped without a lip balm


so should i do it? or would i scare too many people away?


  1. Yeah try it if you like. I wouldn't say lip balm really counts as makeup though. If you have dry, chapped lips defo don't stop using it. x

  2. you could still use lipbalm cause thats not make up. my dad and boyfriend use chapstick!! haha :)

    just use lipbalm and wash your face daily with a good quality wash and it will clear up really really quickly x

  3. hello, iv just come accross your blog, and i love what i see!

    i think that you are very down to earth and you seem lovely!

    i just read this and im deffinatly going to do it, i will deffinatly lock up all my makeup and im going to take it a step further and not use straighteners and curlers!!!

    i will let you know how i get on!!!
    thankyou for providing me with a lovely blog!
    sarah x