Sunday, 23 August 2009

please help me pick!!

So i did some more cleaning for my mum today because she said she would get me something from MAC if i did (and then she turned to my dad and said "if you want to get her to so something all you have to do is say MAC", :o am i really that easy to persuade?!!? haha) but i can't decide what i want :( i'm thinking:

  • MSF Natural
  • All that glitters e/s
  • Angel Lipstick
  • Patisserie Lipstick
  • Subculture lip liner
  • Painterly paint pot
help! which would you get??


  1. That a really good list you've got there. I'd say go with either the All That Glitter e/s or painterly paint pot.

  2. I'd go for the MSF or All That Glitters. I have neither but I've heard really good things about those two and they're on my own wishlist :)

  3. get the msf natural, it will last a lot longer than the e/s... dont let mac consume you!!!! i spent months with a HUGE wishlist then convinced myself i didnt need to buy it all at once and calmed down a lot

    haha xx

  4. i just ordered MSF Natural & All that glitters :)
    they seemed to be the most popular answers lol
    thank you ladies!!