Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hair Care Diaries ... Day 4

Last night i used:

Toni & Guy Model. Me range

(L to R) Super Hydrating Conditioner, High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid, Super Hydrating Shampoo


Shampoo: £4.88
conditioner: £4.88
Blow Dry Liquid: £5.87

I think the prices of these products are worth it just for how pretty they look. I don't think i've ever liked a shampoo bottle more in my life :) In term's of the quality of the products, i don't think i'd pay retail prices for them


The packaging of these bottles are AMAZING! i love that they are so sleek with just being plain white and perfect rectangles and little pumps to disperse the stuff its just soo good :) The only thing i am not really a fan of is the amount that comes out from one pump at a time.


They have a very strong rose smell which, if you like roses is perfect but i'm not really a fan and they kind of remind me of old people :S I think the fact that once the stuff is washed out its not very strong is a really bonus for me. The blow dry liquid has a slight coconut smell to it which makes me think Jamelia's range is coconut scented and Helena's is rose scented. Because i love anything that smells like coconut i think i will pick up the Jamelia shampoo and conditioner. In town, all of these products are on sale for £2 each.

Overall Opinion

Shampoo: Nothing special but if you want to but a complete set of products that all match it's not the worst product to use.
Conditioner: Very softening and hydrating. I dont think it beats the Toni & Guy insights conditioner but i still like it
Blow Dry Liquid: I didn't really think this was anything special because i don't really understand what it was suppose to do :S

Close up Pictures

The pump for the Blow Dry Liquid

The pump for the shampoo & Conditioner

Quick re-cap of Yesterday

Although i love the Trevor Sorbie stuff for cleaning brushes, i really dont like it for cleaning my hair. I don't think it is a range that i will be re-purchasing anytime soon but i am still open to trying some other things from the company. I've got my eye on a few things from boots

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  1. i was going to try that blow dry liquid but i wont waste my money now!! thank you xx