Sunday, 2 August 2009

Thing's i've picked up over the week

These are just a few bit's and pieces i got over the past week.

Black cardigan from F& F at Tesco's
Carmex - i wanted to try this because i've ALWAYS used vaseline but i've heard really good things about this, the smell takes some getting used to but so far i really like it.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish in 35 Dynasty - i love this :)
Topshop cropped vest - £22
Nothing overly exciting but it made a good shopping trip :) It was sooo weird that i actually has money in my purse for once and went into boots but didn't buy any make-up :S none of it really appealed to me! i think i must be ill!


  1. oh carmex is so much better than vaseline. stick with it. i suffer from severly dry lips which means all lip glosses are a no-go and lipsticks can only be for very special occasions, but carmex is my life saver to keep my lips from drying out.

  2. Lovely haul! I love Carmex - it is undoubtedly the best lip balm when you have chapped lips! :)