Saturday, 15 August 2009

What should i buy??

I want to pick up some eyeshadows from the Love That Look range but don't know which colours to get :S I always wait at the very least a week to get make collection stuff because i think things are super hyped up and then people get stuff and review it and say it wasn't worth it. I could have quite easily got crazy for the Color Craft collection but after watching video's and reading blogs everyone was saying things were quite shimmery and i dot like shimmery make-up so i saved some pennies there :)

I think i want to get Unbasic White and Smoke & Diamonds

Smoke & Diamonds and Unbasic White
Swatches from

what do you think?? and what have you picked up?


  1. I think smoke and diamonds - the white looks dupeable, however smoke and diamonds looks quite original and more versitile.


  2. thank you :)
    if i don't get unbasic white i might get something from the permanent line
    any suggestions?

  3. i love those colours!
    and im getting on really well with my no make up and straightening!
    a whole week on monday!

  4. well done
    i broke out
    so i carried on using make up to cover it up :)
    maybe i'll have better look next week

  5. go for smoke and diamonds it's much more versatile and i always find whenever i go and buy a whitish eyeshadow that i end up unable to find an occasion where it would prove a suitable colour.

  6. thanks for the tip :)
    but i wear white eyeshadow quite alot
    so i'de probably get quite abit of use out of it
    but i think smoke & diamonds is a defo from what people are saying :)