Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mini Boot's Haul

I finally decided that today i needed to stop being lazy and do something productive, so i went to boots :) I only went in for some eye make-up remover but came out with 2 other things.

i admit it's nothing very exciting.

so far i have only tried the make-up remover and i am really impressed with it. I haven't really used make-up remover's in the past because i find most of them really oily but i wanted to try this one out because it is a gel. Using it really shows just how much make-up is still left on my eyes when i use wipes and for £1.49 it's a bargain.

I picked up the cotton wool pads because i needed some for my nail polish remover and thought they would be good to use with the eye make-up remover.

And then i got the face peel because i love the smell of tea tree and it was only 97p so i thought ... why not :)

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