Monday, 24 August 2009

The List. Tag!

i got this tag from Holly. It is basically the list of celebrities that you would. Like the ones that Rachel & Ross make on friends when they are dating! I'm not going to explain why i have chosen these people because a picture speaks a thousand words :P I think i was suppose to stick to five but i just couldn't help myself :)

Hugh Laurie
Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen
right seriously, don't tell me you are Team Jacob. Jacob sucks!! He found his true love in Renesme and therefore he will never get with Bella. Don't hate on Edward! he is hot!

Paul Rudd
James McAvoy
Adam Brody (watch In the Land of Women ... it's amazing!)
Hugh Grant
Ewan Mcgregor
Ed Westwick
Chace Crawford
Cappie from Greek :)


  1. Ooh, you definitely have a 'type' :) They're all hot especially Robert Pattinson. Team Edward!!! lol. x

  2. oh yes, the gossip girl boys and huge laurie...yes please!!
    haha, i dont see it with Robert Pattenson, he looks like my dad!!!!
    Thanks for joining in! xx

  3. haha
    they all look quite similar!! how strange.. x

  4. none of them are blonde
    well ok i guess ewan mcgregor is a little
    and most of them have good cheek bones
    i didn't think i had a type!
    but i guess i do

  5. Wow amazing list :) Team edward :)!!

  6. I loved in the land of women - although i kinda hoped adam brody and kstew would get together instead of the mother thing :/

    Ed westwick is just delicious ;)