Monday, 31 August 2009

Avon Haul :)

so ladies it's monday (ok technically its 1:30 am on Tuesday), which means avon delivery day. I ordered quite a few things this month because loads of stuff was on offer and a figured it would be an exam results treat. So here is what i got :)

Nail Experts conditioning nail enamel remover

i just got this because it was on offer for 99p and the bottle looks alot nicer and more professional than my current nail polish remover

Solutions Day Total Radiance refreshing day cleanser

the bottle says: Revitalising creamy gel removes overnight build-up and deep cleanses, while refreshing and awakening skin

i'm not too sure when i am going to get round to using this because i'm loving my solutions purepore-fection cleansing foam and dont want to upset my skin by bombarding it with loads of different products

Solutions Night Total Radiance makeup removing night cleanser

the bottle says: Cleansing gel dissolves all traces of makeup and daily buildup. Leaves skin with a luminous, healthy looking glow

this also sounds super cool but i'm going to wait a while before i use it

Conditioning eye makeup remover lotion

this was also on sale for 99p and i figured i would see how it compared to by beloved boots make-up removing gel

Planet Spa african shea butter brown sugar body scrub

this is literally like washing with sugar and i love it. It smells so good its good enough to eat :) I generally love all of the planet spa products but this is without a doubt one of my favourites

Solutions plus pure pore-fection face lotion

this stuff is AMAZING! i think i might have just fallen out of love with my nivea moisurising fluid! This makes my skin feel soft just like the cleanser does. i cant stop touching my face :) its lovely!!!

Naturals conditioning balm

i bought this because i liked it when i reviewed my sisters in my Hair Care Diaries but i can't decide whether to keep it or use it as a giveaway prize :S

While i was visiting family in Doncaster today i got a present from my uncle & aunt who just came back from florida :) Its the legendary CoverGirl lashblast and i LOVE it! when i put it on my sister actually said "wow" and she NEVER compliments me :) Her best friend has a house in Florida and goes every October so i might give her some money and ask her to pick me a few up :)

i also got an issue of NYLON that my uncle get's for me :)


  1. I love me some Lash Blast :)

    Each time I've done an international swap I've made sure I have got some. Love it!

    I really should try out more Avon stuff too... I used to buy a lot more when I lived at home permanantly, now I find it more difficult.

  2. lash blast is amazing! its my favorite mascara of all time :) it never ever clumps and that brush is so cool.

    check out my giveaway i just posted on my blog.. i think you'll like it!


  3. Nice haul, I have quite a few things ordered too.

  4. Well you know i love Avon hehe
    Great haul