Friday, 21 August 2009

BYS Cosmetics

So my mum was flicking through the latest JTF (a business wholesaler) leaflet when she spotted this:

Now, i admit my first thought was something along the lines of "it's cheap so i bet its rubbish" but i picked up the leaflet again tonight and had a bit of a closer inspection and it doesn't look too bad, and even if it is, for the price i don't think it would really matter :)

The things that have really caught my eye are the Eye Shadow Trio's (which look a lot like the NYX ones), The Shimmer Shine Pencils and the Eye liners. I also found that they have a website and for anyone who wants to try their things out they sell online through I think next time i go to JTF i might pick some things up just to give them a try.


  1. ive got some by5 eyeshadow pallettes in pink and blue, never used them, you can have them if you like!! x

  2. im gonna swatch some stuff when i go to the shop and if i like them i'll let you know
    thank you :)
    its really sweet of you

  3. s'fineeeeee, ive opened them but never used them... there are pics of them on my bigwardrobe i think x