Monday, 3 August 2009

Thing's to do before i die

I'm making a book full of things to do before i die and i'd love to hear about thing's you have done that you would recommend i do before i die :)

I'll keep everyone updated on the thing's in the book as soon as i get some idea's down and hopefully i'll get some of the thing's crossed off as soon as possible :)



  1. you should totally see charles bridge in prague lit up at night. & you should take a spontaneous trip where you pack and go the airport and pick a flight somewhere randomly - that's something i've always wanted to do. you should try and sneak out of your house (something i've always wanted to try and do)

  2. oh & i read about this film festival in croatia called the motovun film festival where each year is a different theme, like japanese horror etc, and the whole thing is dressed up and then after the film they have dj's and its a huge outdoor club. i deffinately think that's something worth doing before you die!
    as is doing a roadtrip of the us
    sorry but this post does make me very excited for life, and thinking about everything that i want to do with mine!
    and of course you're in my list of blogs i love! i adore your blog, it's the perfect blend of real life and makeup, plus you even have a count down to new moon!