Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Super mini MAC haul :)

So i cleaned the house for my mum the other day and she said in exchange she would buy my something from mac :) Everyone seems to be raving about Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow from the Love That Look collection so i got it :) i'm so glad i ordered it when i did because the next day it went out of stock :) Anyway. it came yesterday but i wasn't in so i had to stay in till like half 4 today waiting for the delivery man which was torture because everyone was up at the beach having fun and i was just at home waiting. But seriously, the wait was worth it :)

thanks to everyone that said i should get this one over Unbasic White :)


  1. I love the starflash formula! yay for smoke & diamonds :D

  2. do you think they have a bit of a weird smell?
    it was like the frst thing i noticed
    maybe it's just me :S