Saturday, 15 August 2009

Review: Avon Solutions Plus Pure Pore-Fection

I have horrible skin and will happily try anything that claims it can help. The latest products i have been using are the Avon Solutions Plus Pure Pore-Fection cleanser and toner. They retail for £3.00 each but are half price in this months Avon Brochure (number 14). The lotion is also half price (£3.50 down from £7.00) so i think I'm gonna try that out.

I don't really think much to the toner because I've never used a toner that works. What are they even suppose to do?? But the cleanser is really good. I noticed differences from the first time i used it. I really like the fact that it is a foam and that it comes out in a pump. It also makes my skin feel really soft but slightly dry so always use moisturizer after :)

This range is aimed at improving the appearance of pores but there are loads of other ranges such as Perfect Tone for damaged skin, Ageless Accolade for mature skin, Total Radiance for dull skin and Maximum Moisture for dry skin. There is also one aimed at reducing cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks but I'm not too sure what they is called.

I think the coolest think about the range though are the Skin Type Testers that you can get from your Avon rep.

You can't order these yourself you can only get a rep to order some for you.

There are two different papers. One for your cheek and one for your forehead.

You press the paper to your skin and check to see how many dots appear

You then compare the dots to the back of the Tester box to see what sort of skin you have. I did mine on my cheek and it turns out I'm Combination.
I think this is a really good idea for people who aren't too sure what their skin type is and watch to check before they buy a product that might be the wrong type for them.


  1. Thats a really cool idea - whats it like for blackhead control?

  2. I am loving the idea of the skin type testers. I think I have combination skin because my cheeks are normal and my forehead and nose are oily.