Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hair Care Diaries

Basically, I've never really paid my hair much attention. I tend to just shampoo it every night and condition it either when i can be bothered or when i notice that it's looking a little dry and dull. So every night this week (and maybe next week depending on how many products i have) i am going to review a different brand of hair care. My view is going to be based on the result's i see straight away or about 2-3 hours after use because i want to use products that work fast, not that take 2 weeks before you notice a difference. Yesterday i reviewed my James Brown hair mask but if i can get my hands on some of his shampoo's and conditioner's i will be re doing that.

Tonight i used:

Toni&Guy Insight's Shine Addiction range

(L to R) Shine Addiction Glossing Mist, Shine Addiction Straightening Glaze, Shine Addiction Conditioner & Shine Addiction Shampoo


Shampoo: £5.49
Conditioner: I can't find
Straightening Glaze: £5.99
Glossing Mist: I can't find

I don't think the prices are too bad for these products because Toni & Guy is a well respected brand and you get a good amount of product for the cost.


I really like the colours that were chosen for this range. It makes a nice change from the traditional Red and White stuff. The Straightening Glaze and Glossing Mist are in glass spray bottles which i think makes them look a lot nicer and more professional than plastic.


The shampoo just smells like chemicals and isn't very exciting.
The conditioner smells like candle wax which isn't very nice to be totally honest
The Glossing Mist has a very strong alcohol smell to it when first sprayed but when it settles it smells just like some Ted Baker moisturiser i have which is really nice
The Straightening Glaze starts off with the same alcohol smell but then turns to a very plain boring smell

Overall Opinion

Shampoo: I don't think it is anything special and i don't notice that my hair looks particularly cleaner. It does however look a lot shinier which is nice :)

Conditioner: I will without a doubt be using this again. do not let the smell put you off. My hair feels really soft and looks really healthy

Glossing Mist: I tried this out before i got in the bath because you use it on dry hair. I love it. My hair looked really dry and dull and then a few spritz of this and it looked lovely :) I think i will use this on night's out or days where i haven't used a conditioner

Straightening Glaze: This can be used on dry hair with straightener's or wet hair with a hair dryer but because I'm trying to repair the ends of my hair i didn;t feel like using and heat tonight. As soon as i use it I'll let you know what i think.

Close up Pictures

the lid to the shampoo

the conditioner: it's a really cool pearly silver/blue colour

the spray on the Straightening Glaze and Glossing Mist

Tomorrow's review will be on:

Avon Natural's range for Dry/Damaged Hair


  1. Thanks for the review! They look great products!

  2. This range sounds really good - I like the sleek design of the packaging.