Monday, 3 August 2009


The website has launched and the date is set!!!

i think it was a few weeks ago now that i told you Twilight were coming out with make-up ranges and everyone thought the date would be about the November mark so it would come out the same day as the film ... well turns out it August 17th!!

I hope they do international shipping! if not i had better find someone who lives in America and can send me this stuff!!

AHHHHH!! I'm soooo excited!!

Now obviously alot of people are going to think this make-up will be very childish and not very good but i'm pretty sure one of the head people at DuWop has designed it so fingers crossed it's good :)


  1. i'm glad someone else is :)
    and i hope it's goood quality :)

  2. im atually really interested in this, i wouldnt say excited, just interested. haha! if it turns out to be good ill be well impressed x