Sunday, 30 August 2009

This or That

This is just a really fun tag where you choose one or the other :)

Galaxy or Dairy Milk??

Dairy Milk ... Yummy :)

Coke or Pepsi??


Tesco or Asda??

Tesco.Every Little Helps ;)

Mascara or Lipgloss??

ahh this is super hard! i <3>

Cat or Dog??

Cat. the Brian in AbbieAndBrian is my cat :)

Twilight or True Blood??

Twilight all the way!

Summer or Winter??

probably winter. i love fall fashion shows!

Edward or Jacob??

Ewww. who would choose Jacob?? TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!

TV or Films??

this is too hard! like seriously... how can i pick?? erm ... ok .... TV :)

Texts or Phone Calls??


Twitter or Facebook??

Twitter probably

Beach or City??

Cities! I hate beaches. they are boring. I like walking around cities just looking at things

these ladies have some of the best blogs around so if you haven't already, check them out and follow them :)


  1. Aww bless ya. Thanks for the tag too. I'll do it - it looks fun :-) xx

  2. Thanks for the tag sweetie. Will most likely do it later on today x

  3. Thank u for tagging me!! Great tag, goin to do it now! :) xx

  4. thanks for tagging me chick! i'll do it asap!! :) xx