Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hair Care Diaries ... Day 2

Tonight i used:

Avon Natural's Moisturising Almond Oil & Avocado range for Dry/Damaged Hair

(L to R) Moisturising Shampoo, Conditioning Balm, Conditioner


Shampoo: £2.00
Conditioner: £2.00
Conditioning Balm: £2.00

But in the next Avon Book (number 14) all of these products are only 99p each, so if you are interested in them check out that Brochure :)

I think £2.00 for these products its really good value for money, especially for the conditioning balm as it comes is a large 250ml tub.


The first time i saw these i didn't think they looked very nice but after seeing that they are part of the Avon's Natural's range i kind of understood why they chose this sort of packaging. I think it gives the product a very eco friendly feel.


These products are made from Almond & Avocado and although i have no idea what Almonds or Avocado's smell like so i can;t really comment on that, these products do smell really nice. Nothing like the chemically smell of yesterday's Toni & Guy Products. Avon also do a Tea Tree & Mint shampoo and conditioner in the same range that i really want to try :)

Overall Opinion

Shampoo: My hair feels nice and clean so i would definitely re-purchase this product and maybe try it in some other flavour's

Conditioner: when i used this and washed it out my hair didn't really feel noticeably softer or less dry so i don't know if i would re-purchase it

Conditioning Balm: When i read how you use this stuff i was a little bit worried because I've never used anything like it before. It says that you are suppose to apply it to towel dry hair so i smothered my hands in it, flipped my hair upside down and just sort of smoothed and scrunched the product in. It is definitely the product that stands out the most out of all three. My hair feels light and soft and shiny (but not as shiny as yesterday).

Close up Picture

Quick re-cap of yesterday

When i woke up this morning my hair still felt really soft and smooth from the products i had used which was good because the morning after i used the James Brown conditioning mask my hair didn't feel too good. I think after i am done with all of these reviews i will definitely be using the Toni & Guy Conditioner again.

I also decided to take the plunge and use my hair dryer tonight with the Toni & Guy Straightening Glaze that i was too afraid to use yesterday. I was worried that the hair dryer would ruin all the work that the conditioning balm had done but the Straightening glaze worked really well and my hair still looks really strong and healthy. The only down side is that the alcohol smell didn't fade very well and my sister commented that my hair didn't smell nice after using it :(

Tomorrow's Review will be on:

Trevor Sorbie's Straightening Addicts Range