Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sister's make up bag

This is it, the legend that is my Sister's make-up bag. For month's it has been hidden from me but today she foolishly left it at home whilst she headed out to do some shopping! haha! unlucky :) She recently bought some new make-up that I've been wanting to try out so i decided to swatch and take pictures of the things I'm interested in as who knows when i will ever get the chance again.

The first is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Creamy Ivory. I first saw this in Lauren's Video but never really thought much to it. In all honest I've never really paid much attention to any Max Factor products.

It comes with a little sponge and a compartment to store it but luckily my sister didn't use it as i explained to her sponges are designed to soak up products so she would be wasting quite a bit by using it.

The foundation itself has quite a wet feel to it but applied as a sort of cream/powder. It's really nice and retails for just under £12. I don't think it is something i would personally buy as i would rather spend that money on a Revlon colourstay which everyone seems to love.

Probably the most disappointing factor of this foundation is the quantity. The glass pot that it comes in is so thin that i don't imagine this will last very long. But i guess we will just have to wait and see.

The next little gem that i found was the Rimmel Sexy Curves in Intense black. I've heard a lot of really good reviews for this mascara but never bought it because mascara's dry up so quickly and I'm currently getting through Maybelline great lash and Benfit's Bad Gal Lash.

I think the brush takes some getting used to but i think its a really cool fun shape

This is my eye with nothing on it

And then with one coat of Sexy Curves

And finally with 2 coats

Over all i do quite like it but i don't know if i like it enough to buy it. My Uncle is currently in Florida and I'm hoping he gets the chance to pick me a Cover Girl Lash Blast up :)

Finally there is the Boots 17 Hide away concealer. If you have read some of my previous post you will know i am currently looking for a new concealer because i hate my Natural Collections one. This has the same sort of texture but doesn't dry any where near as fast!

There really isn't anything interesting to say about it and i didn't bother swatching it because it's just concealer! Unless i can get to a MAC store soon and find out what shade i am in their products i will probably end up picking this up for myself.


  1. hahaha its so funny that you did this!! xx

  2. just so you know revlon colourstay contains a dye which is why it stays on your skin so long, as it in fact temporarily dyes your skin, which is why it's so hard to take off. plus the dye clogs up your pores, so can make your skin worse. my best friend used to use it and it has great coverage but you constantly get bad skin.

  3. Greatidea for a post, will do it when i get home from holidayxxx