Monday, 3 August 2009

James Brown Intensive Mask for Hair

I used this tonight for the first time and now my hair feels amazing! i think I'm going to use it about every three washes and see how my hair looks and feels within a fortnight. If i like it then I'll probably pick up another issue of Marie Claire to get another bottle because I'm not too sure where to get James Brown products.

If the end result is good I'll probably check out some other products in his range and give them ago.

Has anyone else got this and liked it so far??


  1. ooh i might just have to pick up marie claire this month as i desperately need to find a good hair mask to look after my hair as i dye it so often!

  2. My friend told me about this freebie the other day.. I thought it was an amazing offer!

    You can usually find James Brown stuff in Boots, or some salons. I think he has his own in London.
    But my Boots has quite a good range, so check out somoe of the larger stores.