Sunday, 23 August 2009

10 Random Fact's Tag

I was tagged by the fabulous Precious at Precious Smileyy to do 10 random fact's about me

  1. I attend a Grammar School
  2. I don't drink Coffee
  3. I have one sister who is 18 months younger than me
  4. I live at the seaside
  5. My favourite food is Chinese food
  6. I watch a ridiculous amount of TV shows on the Internet
  7. I only own 5 MAC things but hopefully by tonight it will go up to 6 :)
  8. I love things to be organized and in alphabetical or chronological order. And i love writing lists
  9. Rounders is my favourite sport
  10. I don't have a favourite film ... i watch too many of them to only have one favourite

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