Sunday, 2 August 2009

Currently Reading: Being Jordan

shocking ... that i'm reading something that has noting to do with Twilight :O

Now i just want to state that i am not a Katie Price Fan, but i also do not hate her. I just think shes a woman with a lot of fame who makes some very good and some very bad decisions. My sister and my mum on the other hand love her. The book is actually my sisters. I figured because she is reading my twilight i would give this a go.

So far i'm up to Chapter eight and it's not too bad. It's just something really easy to read and pass the time. I'm sure if you are a fan of the woman it would be far more appealing and if you hated the woman this might give you a better outlook on her.

Have you read this book?? what do you think of her??


  1. I read it ages ago... I liked it!
    If you can handle the trashiness then her 'novels' are good too - I justify reading them cos two of them have been free with seperate magazines over the years...