Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hair Care Diaries ... Day 3

Tonight i used:

Trevor Sorbie's Straightening Addict Range

(L to R) Conditioner, Protect Flatten and Shine Spray, Shampoo


Shampoo: £4.69
Conditioner: £4.69
P,F&S Spray: £4.88

I have the travel size bottles of all of these products that retail for just under £2.00 each but i think the full size bottles are a very reasonable price as they are created by a professional hairdresser.


I think the thing that really makes these products stand out from other hair care bottles is the slanted lid with the silver Trevor Sorbie sticker. Other than the lid everything else is pretty plain and plastic. The fact that the products are bright colours and are in see through bottles is really good as it means you can see what you are getting.


I don't think a scent is added to the shampoo and conditioner as they just seem to smell of the chemical ingredients in them, but it isn't really a bad smell and doesn't leave anything too strong or noticeable when it is washed out and dried. I'm really into scented hair products though so maybe adding some sort of fruit or plant extract would make these a little more appealing.

Overall Opinion

Shampoo: I love the consistency of this shampoo. I find that most shampoo;s tend to have a sort of gel texture to them but this is really soft and almost conditioner like. It's also quite gentle and whilst i was on holiday i used to to clean my make-up brushes.

Conditioner: This seems to have quite a thin runny consistency to it compared to most other conditioners so a little goes a long way which i really like :) It's made my hair feel soft and really light.

P,F&S Spray: This is a bit of a disappointment. I think the smell is far too strong and not very nice. Although it says it is for straightening, it is basically a heat protection spray so i used it with the hair dryer instead and it's left my ends quite dry and brittle :( It doesn't really seemed to have flattened anything or made it any shinier either.

Quick re-cap of yesterday

I didn't wake up this morning and think "Wow, the stuff i used last night is amazing" but at the same time i didn't think "Oh, those products are a real disappointment" It was just sort of average, but really soft. So i think once I've used all of the Conditioning Balm i will get some more :)

Tomorrow's review will be on:

Toni & Guy Model. Me range
(I will be using some from the Helena range and some from the Jamelia range)


  1. i am absolutely LOVING these reviews!! please keep doing them!! x

  2. I love the smell of this range - I think its because i used on a holiday once so it always brings back memories.

    Loving these diaries!