Friday, 14 August 2009

Product Rave

I think it's fair to say this summers weather hasn't been all that good which means most people, including me have been reaching for out fake tan bottles. Although my fake tan says it is for both body and face i think it is far too shimmery for face and I'm a little worried that if it doesn't look right i wont be able to get it off. Then, i found this:

It's Ted Baker's Bodywear Body Shimmer. It's lovely to wear either lightly all over my face or just on my cheek bones as a bronzer. I've had this stuff for ages but always thought i was far too pale to use it until now.

It has quite a coppery bronze colour too it and it is a really nice buildable colour that i think can work with most skin tones.

I've looked on Boots but i cant find this anymore so I'm not too sure whether it is still available.


  1. Looks like awesome products! do you know if they are sold in the U.S. or is it just a UK thing?

  2. it smells great too - i used to have it